First Grade Field Trip

Cheyanne, Becca, and Mariana     (click on any picture to enlarge)

elephantAll the first, second and third graders from Willott Road Christian Academy went to the St. Louis Zoo for their fall field trip. Mom got to go along on the field trip with me. While we were waiting to go to the Living World we went through the River's Edge. In there we saw elephants, hyenas and dwarf mongoose. Pictured with the snake is Cheyanne, Becca, and Mariana.

After the Living World we had lunch in the Lakeside Cafe. We had fun eating and feeding the ducks. We ran around a bunch and then headed off to do our scavenger hunt.

bearBecca draws a bearFor our scavenger hunt we had to find different animals and draw them and their habitats. We also had to locate the animals on a world map. First we went to the bears and drew a picture of the brown bear. That's me drawing the bear and where he lives.

storksWe then went to find the kangaroos. On the way we went through the Flight Cage and saw some storks and then passed the giraffes and stopped and tried to feed them. That sure was fun! We then found the kangaroos and had to draw a joey inside his mothers pouch.giraffe kangaroo

Next, it was on to the Big Cat Country to find some lions. While there we also saw a leopard.

leopard lion lionesses



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