August 22, 2001

 Yvonne, Cindy, Becca, Aimee, and Samuel went to Lakeview Farms to pick red raspberries. Yvonne and Cindy did most of the picking while the kids played.

Samuel.jpg (112491 bytes) kids digging.jpg (138313 bytes)Cindy and Aimee.jpg (155043 bytes)  There were three separate mines (dirt piles) that the kids were allowed to dig in to look for "diamonds". We allowed them to dig in the piles that had clear and purple "diamonds". There was another mine that contained black crystals. The kids had a blast digging in the dirt.  

 Sam and Aimee maze.jpg (174379 bytes)After the novelty of digging in the dirt wore off and the kids started getting anxious to leave, they were shown a maze that they could wander through. It was a Sorghum maze made especially for small kids.  There are no dead ends or circles and it takes less than 5 minutes to walk thru. What a great time! Between keeping an eye on the kids, Cindy and Yvonne were able to pick plenty of beautiful red raspberries. Boy did they taste good!

 Yvonne.jpg (138012 bytes)  Cindy and Becca.jpg (119889 bytes)

Aimee picking.jpg (132358 bytes) Cindy.jpg (153006 bytes) Samuel Aimee and Becca.jpg (163127 bytes) Samuel picking.jpg (122567 bytes)  Yvonne and Becca.jpg (143737 bytes)

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