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The first and second graders from Willott Road Christian Academy went to the St. Louis Zoo for their fall field trip. Mom got to go along on the field trip. The second graders went to the Living World first and then went on their scavenger hunt dealing with animals from Africa. The first graders went into the Living World next. After they were done, they also went on their scavenger hunt which took them in the children's zoo.

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At noon, we all met up at the Lakeside Cafe for lunch. Afterwards, a group of us decided to ride the train. 

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Becca and classmate Rickie Ross

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Aimee and friend Caitlin Ross

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We then went back to the children's zoo to pet the goats. 

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Some of us decided to check out the Insectarium. We saw lots of different insects and saw some beautiful butterflies here. 

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Aimee and classmate Brandon Barton

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Aimee and Cheyanne and Brandon Barton

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Brandon and Cheyanne Barton and Aimee and Becca

Next we met up with our group again and headed for the River's Edge to see the hippos and elephants. The hippos were sleeping and were not too exciting but there were a lot of elephants out walking about.

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