Florida 2002

Aimee, Becca, and Sam in front a Florida Welcome sign

February 2002 - once again we headed to Florida to spend a week with Ed's parents at the condo that they rented. We left St. Peters Friday afternoon and stayed in Nashville that night. We drove down the rest of the way on Saturday. So the fun didn't start until Sunday.48-condo.jpg (86456 bytes)

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Click on picture to see beach picturesClick on picture to see pool picturesSunday: Our time was split between the swimming pool and the beach. Aimee and Sam had a blast playing in the sand and surf. Aimee would wait patiently to fill her buckets with the cold water. 

21-sailboat.jpg (72120 bytes)    Monday: We went to the park on Clearwater Beach. The kids just love to play there. We also checked out the different excursion offerings. Ed and Cindy decided to take a sailboat ride in the evening. Other trips were decided on for Tuesday and Wednesday. The sailboat trip was great (again). We sailed on the same sailboat that we went on two years ago. The other people that went along included a Canadian couple and an English family. The young boy with the family had a blast steering. And we all had a good time visiting while relaxing out on the water. And after many attempts Cindy finally got a nice sunset to photograph.

Becca, Grandma, Ed, Aimee and Sam on the SeaLife SafariTuesday:  We decided to try the Sea Life Safari excursion. It was an ok time. We stayed in the bay. They dragged a net for a few moments and showed us their "catch". There wasn't that much in there to see. A few small critters. We then played at the park again and then headed to the swimming pool.

Wednesday: For our dolphin excursion, we decided on Little Toot Dolphin excursion the Little Toot Dolphin trip. GREAT!! The dolphins played in the wake of the boat. We even had some riding right by the bow. The dolphins were soooo close that we could actually see scars on them.

Thursday: We piled into the van and drove up to Honeymoon Island. Cindy kept busy shelling while the kids played in the sand with Grandma and Ed. We played for awhile and then had a picnic lunch on the beach. What an experience! Sam had his cheese taken right out of his hand by a seagull! They sure were pesky little critters.

Friday: RAIN! Since it was raining and looked like it was not going to let up we piled into the van once again and headed for the Tampa Florida Aquarium. I think everyone else had the same idea. It was very busy and we had to wait in a long line to even get inside. The kids had fun looking at all the different fish and animals that were there.

Saturday: Got up bright and early in the morning and headed home.


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