Float Trip 2001

Our campsiteOur 9th annual float trip turned out to be a fantastic weekend! We camped at Round Spring campground and floated down the Current River from Pulltite to Round Spring. This year we decided to rent a popup camper. It sure was nice to be outdoors but be able to sleep up off the ground. We went down Thursday and camped three nights. The rest of the group joined us throughout the day on Friday.

We had 21 people go this year and everyone had a blast. A waterfight at Sinking CreekWe couldn't have asked for better weather. It was warm during the day which meant a lot of water fights going down the river. However, the evenings were cool so we were able to enjoy the massive fires Bob provided for us.

Round SpringDuring the day on Friday, Ed, Cindy and the kids went exploring. We went over to see Round Spring. That water sure is COLD! But boy is the color beautiful.Becca and Aimee at Round Spring We then played at the park for a little while until we got too warm. After lunch we headed over to Sinking Creek to play in the water and cool off.Samuel loved throwing this rock into the river! Sam had a blast throwing this rock into the water. He would throw it in and then go and retrieve it and throw it in again. I think he did this at least a dozen times! What a blast to watch him! After people arrived and got their campsites set up, they came over and enjoyed the cool water as well. Friday night after dinner, we all sat around the campfire and enjoyed catching up on what everyone has been doing over the past year. What a beautiful night. There were soooo many stars out. There was a new moon and so we could really see a large amount of stars.

Some members of the group.Saturday morning came with gorgeousThe Current River weather! We all got on the bus manned with our water guns and all the rest of the required items for a leisurely Samuel had a blast with the water guns! float down the Current River. One stop made along the way included a short hike back to an old cabin that is being restored. Many other stops were made to play in the water and to have lunch. An old cabin tucked back in the woods along the Current River. Ed and Aimee look for crayfish.During the stops, people took time to look for crayfish. Sam decided that it was time for a snooze.Sam had so much fun that he finally crashed after lunch and took a nap in the boat being pulled by Ed.

The Brown family. Cindy Lee and Bob Time to stop and play. The group playing around in the water at Sinking Creek  Rich decided it was time to cool off again. Rachel and Becca had alot of fun riding in the raft.

On Sunday after we got most everything packed up, we went back over to Aimee floats down Sinking Creek away from Ed.Sinking Creek to play in the water one more time. Aimee had so much fun floating down on her back between Ed and Cindy. Ed would help her lay down, then she would relax, spread her arms and legs out and trust that Cindy would catch her.

We are already talking about the next float trip. Can't wait!



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