Lake of the Ozarks

Ed's parents own a house on the lake down at the Lake of the Ozarks. We try to get down there at least one weekend a month. The kids love to swim down at the dock. They are all now jumping off the dock without having to have someone in the water to catch them! They also enjoy practicing their casting. Who knows one day one of them may be a swimmer or fisherman.

June 2001

lake6.jpg (20898 bytes)lake7.jpg (24963 bytes)We spent a long weekend down at Ed's parents house the second weekend in June. Here are some pictures of everyone swimming.

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July 2001

Aimee jumps off the dock.Here are some fun pictures of our trip down in July. Aimee really started to enjoy the water again this weekend. She finally started jumping in and swimming on her own again.

 Aimee and Becca swim toward the dock. Samuel loves to ride around on Ed's back in the water. Aimee Becca swims on her back towards her grandpa. Aimee swims on her back. Becca and Aimee swim back towards the dock.


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